DroneTek is a leader in  STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and expert in delivering Drone Kits and Curriculum to high schools, universities, robotics clubs and summer camps. Our team of aerospace engineers and educators develop drone educational kits crafted within a ready-to-use STEM curriculum. Our kit enables educators to quickly launch a drone-based STEM program that combines fundamental sciences with cutting-edge STEM drone technology.


DroneTek kits engage students to develop their practical skills by filling the gap between classroom theory and lab work using drones. Students develop the foundations of scientific inquiry and gain fluency in concepts across various disciplines. While learning, building, and flying their drones, students further the understanding of the world around them.


Using drones, educators can relate theoretical STEM concepts to real world examples. Our drone education kits require no prior drone knowledge from educators. We provide online resources from lesson plans to instructors’ handbooks, videos and ready-made PowerPoint presentations. Our goal, is to transform a STEM class into a student-centered classroom.


By embedding the drone STEM curriculum into your school programs, you are preparing students for the sciences that fuel the world of tomorrow. Students are taken beyond theoretical concepts and entry-level sciences to project-based, experiential and outdoor learning through our educational drone kits. Our drone STEM program will make your school stand out.


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